CPMServe | Frequently Asked Questions


1: What kind of Service we Offer?
A: CPMServe offers to our respectable client an online promoting your business through our Advertising and Publishing platform.
2: Who should use CPMServe?
A: Webmasters and website owners who are looking to profit from advertising on their site, but do not wish to be bothered with the extra work involved in recruiting advertisers.
B: Advertisers, marketers, agencies and small business owners who are looking to promote their product or service on the internet.
3: What terms should know before join CPMServe?
- CPM (Cost-per-Thousand Impressions) forwards the cost of generating 1,000 impressions.
- CPC (Cost-per-Click) forwards to the cost of advertiser giving when visitor clicks on  ad.
- CTR (Click-Through-Rate) show the percentage of no’s of clicks divided-by no’s of times.
- eCPM (Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions), shown the middling cost as per 1,000 impressions send.
- CPA (Cost-per-Action), advertisers will pay every cost of per-Action.
4: Is international Advertiser / Publisher can join?
A: Yes. CPMServe will offer to join International Advertiser / Publisher.
5: Which payment options CPMServe Offer?
A: CPMServe offers two options of payment. Money booker and Wire Transfer option. 
6: Do you accept non-English traffic and non-English Advertisers?
A: Yes. Our ads use geo-targeting. This is a method of determining the location of a web visitor and delivering different content to that visitor.
7: Publishers: How I can post a banner on my website?
A: You can easily post a banner on your site. Please follow the given below instructions.
• Login your website Control Panel.
• Go to your Dashboard.
• Click on Zones option.
• Click on Add New Zone.
• Select on require format option which you want and click Next.
• Click on Generate Copy of Java-Script Banner Code Button and Paste it to your webpage
8: How can I permanently terminate into my Advertiser / Publisher account?
A: When you want to permanently terminate you will have to contact to your affiliated manager.
9: How can i recover my forgotten password?
A: Simply you will click on "Forgot Your Password?" option it will be required your associated email address.
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